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When using this site, will collect some information about you, not in a creepy it seems like ads are listening to you kind of way… but in a way that can help us improve your experience.

Like showing you more content related to content you’ve shown interest in.

Or helping you pick up where you left off.

Making information easier to find.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to improving customer experience.

By continuing to use / browse, we assume you’ve read these terms and accept them. If not, then you can stop accessing this website.

We provide a cookie consent notice upon entry and link to “Cookies” in the site’s footer.

Show Me The Data: Information We Collect + The Tools We Use

Google Analytics: This allows us to track website visitor data, including pageviews, device type, operating system, browser type, referral, events (file downloads, video engagement, scroll depth, interactions), and more. No personally identifiable information (name, email, phone, billing address) is collected using GA or shared with Google Analytics.

Using Google Analytics is a great way to learn how website visitors interact with your site so you can improve their experience. If you’re not familiar with using Google Analytics, you can learn more here:

Cookies and Pixels

Just like every other site you use online, we use “cookies” and server logs to see how you interact with our site. Here’s an article on Why every website wants you to accept its cookies.

It’s a great way to learn more about visitors’ behavior since not everyone will take an on-page survey. :)

This data typically includes similar data collection as Google Analytics (see above) and often gives you an anonymous unique identifier. This is stored on your computer with permission and can be adjusted in your browser settings.

We do reserve the right to use social media pixels, which are similar to cookies. This allows social media sites to track your activity outside of their platform. The pixel (just a piece of code) comes from the social media platform and is placed on the website.

Then the data it collects helps you improve ads, build a targeted audience that enables you to remarket to. You can learn more about the Facebook pixel here, as an example.

Email Information

Right now, we only collect your first name and email address for the CX Matters email list. The only way we get this data is by you submitting the form. Then this information is sent to and stored in ConvertKit. In there, your email activity (opens, clicks, etc.) is tracked. And some emails may be sent to learn more about you. We use this data to make sure we send you valuable and useful content.

How We Protect Your Information

First, we do not sell, rent, or share your information with anyone else.

We follow best practices to keep our website updated and secure and trust that our tech providers do the same:

- ConvertKit (information we collect: email, first name)

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